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A new article in the Travel section of England’s top liberal newspaper highlights the contemporary flavors Lima from museums to food.

“Tourists who once made a beeline for Machu Picchu are now finding the contemporary art and food scene of Peru’s capital, Lima, as much of a draw,” starts the article, which cites art magazine Dazed’s recent naming of Lima among the top 10 cities worth leaving England for.

Cau cau with sangrecita (Isolina)
Cau cau with sangrecita (Isolina)

Writer Will Coldwell samples Lima’s food scene with a tour from El Comercio food blogger Nora Sugobono, who took him to Isolina, Sibaris and BLU.

Elliot Tupac's "Chicha" style
Elliot Tupac’s “Chicha” style

His article highlights the art scene highlighting the ArtLima and PArC art fairs as well as the MATE photo museum. He mentions the Warhol-inspired Cherman Kino’s La Kasa Roja and also Elliot Tupac, whose font was adopted by Peru’s latest #MasPeruanoQue ad campaign.

Coldwell mentions Lima’s cycling scene with links to Lima Fixed Bikes. We also recommend Bike Tours of Lima for rentals.

Photo credit: CasaLoCasa
Photo credit: CasaLoCasa

As for nightlife, Coldwell went to CasaLoCasa, which he describes here:

That evening I headed out to one of Lima’s leading underground club nights, CasaLoCasa, held that night in an old salsa house, a red and white painted colonial building in Barranco. Street style isn’t huge in the Peruvian capital, but here fashionable young Limeans are queuing for entry; clothes lean towards black, while at least three people brighten the queue with neon dyed hair.

Smoking outside was the night’s co-founder Herles Falconi (with green hair and green t-shirt under unbuttoned purple shirt) and his girlfriend Elisa, who runs arts space La Centralita. When it comes to nightlife, “in the past two years Lima has burst culturally,” he told me, explaining how more and more events are now booking international DJs and producers. Vao Vao and Bulbo are among the nights to check out, and local duo Dengue Dengue Dengue – who combine tropical bass with performance and visual arts – now have a reach way beyond the city.

While we here at Lima City of Kings are probably more drawn to the colonial and republican flavors of the city, we can’t complain at international props for contemporary trendsetting. So thanks to Coldwell and the Guardian for highlighting La Gris.

Read Coldwell’s entire article here.

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