Sangrecita is a blood sausage similar to black pudding in Europe, or “morcilla” elsewhere in Latin America. Cooked chicken blood flavored with garlic, onion and spicy rocoto is served with rice or other starches as seen above.

The iron-heavy flavor is definitely an acquired taste, especially for Americans who have no equivalent. But I have certainly acquired the taste to the point where I get regular cravings.

Where to eat Ceviche

Like Arroz con Pato and Seco de Cordero, Sangrecita is another contribution from northern Peru. Restaurants specializing in Trujillo, Chiclayo or Piura cuisine will be the best places to eat Sangrecita.


See a Sangrecita recipe in Spanish from Yanuq.

It’s difficult to find an English-language recipe. But interestingly, this Sangrecita-Stuffed Pepper recipe comes from the United Nations’ World Food Programme, which recommends it as a cheap way for impoverished Peruvians to combat anemia.

See the Lima Food Porn photo album on the Lima City of Kings Facebook page.

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