Lima Travel Guide Pictures

Below are all the pictures from Lima Travel Guide: Insider Advice from Expats in Peru. Some of the pictures were in the first edition and have been removed. Others are ...

Lima Bike Tour

Cycling is the best way to see a city because you’re not going by so fast that you can’t appreciate interesting places, as in a car or bus, nor are ...

Museum of the Nation

Lima’s Museum of the Nation in San Borja is home to limited collections featuring pre-Columbian ceramics, photos from Peru’s armed conflict with the Shining Path and the splendid costumes from ...

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La Bonbonniere: French-Peruvian cuisine in Lima

Founded in 1953, La Bonbonniere is one of Lima’s most famous international restaurants. As in all of Lima’s most important restaurants, celebrity-chef Gaston Acurio has paid them a visit. Watch his visit on YouTube, which features an explanation of what French toast is. In summary, La Bonbonniere is an excellent place for Lima residents who […]

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Lima Shantytown Tour

Shantytown tours are one of the more recent developments in Peru’s tourism scene, especially in Lima. While the historic city center, Miraflores and the Malecon overlooking the sea are must-see attractions, visiting only the upscale areas give a jaded view of the city. While poverty is lowest in Lima, it certainly exists. For people who […]

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Cathedral of Lima

The Cathedral of Lima in the city’s historic center is the Lima’s most iconic building and home to the best museum of religious art. It is also known for being home to the tomb of Spanish conquistador, Francisco Pizarro. The main church of Peru dates back to 1535, when Francisco Pizarro first laid the foundation […]

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Central Reserve Bank of Peru Museum

The BCRP Museum in downtown Lima is a quick and easy tour of Peru’s history through art. The BCRP is Peru’s central bank, so you might be inclined to think the museum is about coins, currency and finance. While the building itself resembles a bank, the exhibits are all art and history. The building was designed as […]

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Santo Domingo Convent Museum

The Santo Domingo Museum in downtown Lima was founded in 1535, making it one of Peru’s oldest churches. Known for its courtyards and mosaics, Santo Domingo attracts fewer tourists than the skulls and bones of San Francisco or the crypt of Francisco Pizarro in the Cathedral of Lima. But it is a quick and simple […]

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National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History of Peru

The National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History of Peru, managed by the Peruvian government’s Ministry of Culture (only a government entity could give the museum a name like that!), is the most important history museum in Peru. The museum features extensive exhibits from pre-Columbian cultures, the colonial period and the republican age. Everything from […]

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