Suspiro de Limeña, or Lima Woman’s Sigh, is a parfait made of condensed milk, eggs, and sweet-red-wine meringue. It’s served in tiny portions because it’s so sweet that just a little will more than satisfy your sweet tooth.

Where to eat Suspiro de Limeña

Maybe the best Suspiro de Limeña I ever had was from Dulces Limeños by Doña Celestina. Although you really can’t go wrong.

Despite being named after the city of Lima, Suspiro de Limeña can be difficult to find outside the tourist districts. It’s not a great seller among Lima’s residents, whose palates must have moved away from such rich sweets since this delicacy was popularized in the colonial era. But you should not have trouble finding it at tourist restaurants, especially in Miraflores.

Always check for Suspiro de Limeña when you see these dessert carts in parks and at festivals. It’s generally safe, but keep in mind that this is a dairy product. If you see oil separating from the parfait and making a pool near the meringue, pass.. The setup above is in Surco‘s Parque de la Amistad.


See Suspiro de Limeña recipes on Peru Delights (English) or Yanuq (Spanish). The picture at the top comes courtesy of Peru Delights.

See the Lima Food Porn photo album on the Lima City of Kings Facebook page.

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